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Chad Everett

Chad Photo Born as Raymond Cramton on 11 June 1936 in South Bend, Indiana USA. A versatile actor, Chad Everett has played roles in comedies, romances, and horror.

Chad grew up on the East side of Detroit and in Dearborn, Michigan, where he played as a quaterback for his high school football team. He made his first stage appearance at age 17 in a high school play and decided soon after that he wanted to be an actor. He graduated from Wayne State University in 1960 and headed to Hollywood. However he soon relocated to New York where he signed a $250 a week contract with Warner Bros. Chad is best known for his seven year hit television series, "Medical Center" where he starred as Dr. Joe Gannon.

Chad was the recipient of Spain’s Don Quixote Award as the "Best Actor in the World" and Photoplay’s "Most Popular Actor Gold Medal". He has been nominated for an Emmy, and two Golden Globe Awards, in 1971 and 1973 for best TV actor, drama; and he has been name dropped in the cartoon Southpark.

Chad also spends a lot of time working for charities. Some of the charities he serves are For the Love of Children (FLOC), Save the Children, and Children’s Cancer Camp. He has served for 18 years as a Vice President on the Board of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He is also the recipient of THE GIFT OF LIFE International Humanitarian Award and recipient of the Veterans of Foreign Wars BETTER WORLD AWARD for his work with children.

Chad is married to actress Shelby Grant, who once guest-starred as 'Princess Sandra' in the TV series Batman. His daugthers are Katherine Kerrie Everett and Shannon Kimberly Everett - who is also an actress. Chad is also the author of a self published book of poetry, written for his wife.

On Screen Appearances

    Freefall (1999) (TV)
    Mulholland Drive (1999) (TV) Jimmy Katz
    Psycho (1998) Tom Cassidy
    When Time Expires (1997) (TV) Walter Kelly
    Star Command (1996) (TV) Captain Shane Ridnaur
    "McKenna" (1994) TV Series Jack McKenna
    Official Denial (1994) General Spalding
    The Rousters (1990)

    Thunderboat Row (1989) (TV)

    Ben Bishop
    Heroes Stand Alone (1989) Zack Duncan
    Jigsaw Murders, The (1988) Det.Sgt. Joe DaVonzo
    Fever Pitch (1985) Dutchman
    Malibu (1983) (TV) Art Bonnell
    "Rousters, The" (1983) TV Series Wyatt Earp III
    Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) Simon
    Mistress of Paradise (1981) (TV) Charles Beaufort
    Intruder Within, The (1981) (TV) Jake Nevins
    "Hagen" (1980) TV Series Paul Hagen

    "French Atlantic Affair, The" (1979) (mini) TV Series

    Harold Columbine
    Day of Terror, Night of Fear (1978)
    "Centennial" (1978) (mini) TV Series Major Maxwell Mercy
    A Woman Accused (1977)
    In the Glitter Palace (1977) (TV) Vincent 'Vince' Halloran
    Firechasers, The (1970) Quentin Barnaby

    "Medical Center" (1969) TV Series

    Dr. Joe Gannon
    Impossible Years, The (1968) Richard Merrick
    First to Fight (1967) Jack Connell
    As I Rode Down to Laredo (1967)
    Return of the Gunfighter (1967) (TV) Lee Sutton
    Last Challenge, The (1967) Lot McGuire
    Made in Paris (1966) Ted Barclay
    Johnny Tiger (1966)
    Singing Nun, The (1965) Robert Gerarde
    Get Yourself a College Girl (1964) Gary
    "Dakotas, The" (1963) TV Series Deputy Del Stark
    Rome Adventure (1962) Young man
    Chapman Report, The (1962) Water Boy
    Claudelle Inglish (1961) Linn Varner

    Notable TV Apperances

    TV SeriesCharacterEpisode
    "Love Boat: The Next Wave, The" (1998) "Blake Hunter" "Such Sweet Dreams"
    "Melrose Place" (1992) "Thomas Sterling" "Last Train to Baghdad"
    "Melrose Place" (1992) "Thomas Sterling" "Mama Mia"
    "Melrose Place" (1992) "Thomas Sterling" "Kyle of the Desert"
    "Just Shoot Me" (1997) "Tom Youngerman" "Old Boyfriends"
    "Pacific Palisades" (1997) "Dr. Joseph Vernon" "Sweet Revenge"
    "Caroline in the City" (1995) "King Cassidy" "Caroline and Richard & Julia"
    "Caroline in the City" (1995) "King Cassidy" "Caroline and the Wayward Husband"
    "Diagnosis Murder" (1993) "Physician, Murder Thyself"
    "Touched by an Angel" (1994) "Reverend Daniel Brewer" "Crisis of Faith"
    "Kirk" (1995) "Armstrong Waters, Elizabeth's father"
    "Cybill" (1995)
    "Nurses" (1991) "Himself" "No, But I Played One on TV"
    "Murder, She Wrote" (1984) "Martin Fraser" "Big Kill, The"
    "Murder, She Wrote" (1984) "Clark Blanchard" "Terminal Connection"
    "Murder, She Wrote" (1984) "Det. Lt. Redick" "Fixer-Upper, The"
    "Murder, She Wrote" (1984) "Kevin Keats" "Obituary for a Dead Anchor"
    "F.B.I., The" (1965) "Hero, The"
    "Man from U.N.C.L.E., The" (1964) "Adam Tenza" "J is for Judas Affair, The"
    "Branded" (1965) "First Kill, The"
    "Route 66" (1960) "Come Home Greta Inger Gruenschaffen"
    "Redigo" (1963) "Papa-San"
    "Cheyenne" (1955) "Man Called Ragan, A"
    "Hawaiian Eye" (1959) "Chris" "Koko Kate"
    "77 Sunset Strip" (1958/I) "Anthony Chase" "Rival Eye Caper, The"


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